The Bachelor: Does Matt Have a Broken Chooser?

 By Nina Atwood

I’m a little bit concerned about this season’s bachelor, Matt, and his relationship chooser. Last week, Matt and the bachelorettes frolicked in Las Vegas while consuming far too much alcohol. In fact, alcohol consumption has been a main feature in many of this season’s scenarios. It seemed that all Matt got in return for the free-flowing champagne and martinis was a drunken, overly dramatic encounter with Shayne, this season’s Drama Queen. Surprisingly, he gave her a rose.

This week, Matt chose two women for one on one dates, Shayne being one of the two. Yes, she’s cute, but the level of maintenance and emotional drama makes me wonder about Matt’s chooser (witness her exclamation “I would die if he sent me home!). Clearly, he’s drawn to her, but is it mainly the chemistry that attracts him? It’s difficult to see her as a long-term relationship match for him; for one thing, their family backgrounds are vastly different. Secondly, she is emotionally immature even for age 22 so that it’s difficult to picture her settling down at this stage of her life. But Matt likes her a lot, so she received a rose at the end of their evening.

Then there’s Holly. Here’s a girl I can picture settling down with Matt and being a wonderful life partner. She beautiful, has a wonderful presence (could she have been any more charming and photogenic at the Hollywood premiere?), and has a level head. To Matt’s comment that they were almost too comfortable together, she responded, “How could you be too comfortable?” Holly seems to have the ability to stay grounded even in a bizarre situation like dating someone on national television. In this case, Matt’s chooser is on track, but will it stay on track?

What can I say about Robin? She seems to have two personas: sweet and charming to Matt, overly aggressive and witchy to the other women. Again, Matt seems to be drawn to a woman with issues.

Matt’s theme seems to be “Show me the feelings!” He has so far sent home the women who have been the most reserved while favoring those who step up to the plate and reveal their thoughts and feelings to him. But is he choosing the women who are the most authentic and therefore most capable of real love? It remains to be seen. If I were coaching Matt, I would tell him to listen to his heart more, his body parts less.

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