The Bachelor: Meet the Families

 By Nina Atwood

Monday night’s episode of The Bachlor featured home town journeys for Matt, our British Bachelor. Shayne, the girl who seemed the most off balance at the beginning of the series, now appears to be the front runner for Matt’s heart. “It’s almost too good to be true, the connection that we have,” he declared after meeting her parents and sister. The warmth and receptiveness of her family had to have been a strong plus.

Chelsea’s Dad gave her some good advice after meeting Matt, coaching her to tell him how she feels about him. Matt still seems to be having lots of conversation about whether or not she’s really into him. Chelsea, who seems very reserved and easily put off by PDAs (public displays of affection), doesn’t seem like the best choice for Matt, who loves holding hands and public snuggling.

Noelle was dismissed at the end of the evening, having gotten off to a slow start with Matt. She blamed herself for it, talking about how much her emotional walls have stood in the way of romance in the past. Maybe the lesson learned is: if you want the guy, show him you want him without taking the lead.

Amanda’s prank – hiring two actors to play her parents – could have gone very badly, and I found myself cringing during that scene. But Matt took it well – actually thought she was “brilliant” and said he was proud of her. Amazing.

But overall, this season has been a bit of a snooze for me. So I’m writing a Bachelor Fantasy Scenario in my next post. Stay tuned!

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