The Bachelor: The Perils of Matt

 By Nina Atwood

the bachelorTonight on abc’s The Bachelor, we’ll find out who our British hunk Matt chose, Shayne or Chelsea. My prediction: Chelsea, and here’s why.

While Matt has had an ongoing infatuation with Shayne, I think her age will be a barrier, and his family will probably underscore the reality that she is very young. Also, I don’t think Matt’s background and Shayne’s background mesh.

Why Chelsea? She’s the girl that Matt has consistently pursued, hard, despite lots of evidence that she’s not as into him as he is into her. But he’s an assertive male, and I think the fact that he’s had to work a bit for her has been a plus. That said, I don’t think that in the long run it will work no matter whom he chooses.

First of all, Matt and Chelsea (or Shayne) will have to overcome weeks of separation while the show aired. That’s difficult for any couple, but for a brand-new couple it’s a huge barrier. Secondly, I can’t imagine Shayne being okay with watching Matt do the Fantasy Suite with two other girls. Chelsea may be able to better absorb that blow, but again, that is a lot to overcome in a brand-new relationship that hasn’t yet grown roots. Third, Chelsea’s aversion to public displays of affection will mostly likely wind up being a turn-off to Matt, who loves the entwined fingers. Most likely we will see a footnote in the entertainment news soon that Matt has returned to England to find his true love.

On the other hand, if Matt and his chosen woman emerge from all of this stronger than ever, they may have a shot at real love! Only time will tell, as this week marks the beginning of their real relationship, whether or not there’s a ring on her finger.

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