Who’s Your Celebrity Fantasty Date? Would it Work Out in Real Life?

 By Nina Atwood

A recent Yahoo Personals poll found that single women want to date George Clooney while single men want to date Jessica Alba. Reports have it that George is dating a woman who served cocktails at his table recently, so maybe these fantasy dates are not that far out of reach after all.

The fantasy, of course, is that someone who appears to be highly successful, not to mention having a fantastically good face/body d.n.a., would also be someone who would be a good partner in a long-term relationship. Looks and success are only one tiny sliver of the picture of what makes a great relationship. But there’s no question that we tend to be dazzled by those things. In fact, we are biologically wired to be attracted to looks and success.

Great looks and career/financial success resonate in human beings as strength. Perceived strength in others equates with benefit to my life. This is why people who achieve overnight success suddenly find themselves being contacted by every person who ever knew them plus lots of people who want to know them.

Really good relationships are not built on seeing someone else’s strengths in a selfish light (i.e., what can I get from you?) but rather, by connecting with the real person underneath the success, good looks, and money. This is why celebrities in long-term happy relationships tend to choose someone who is down to earth and real. How does this equate to your dating life?

Take the time to look past skin-deep things. Become highly curious about people – who the person is underneath all the trappings. Ask questions in the spirit of genuine curiosity. Don’t compare outside things to inside things – they don’t equate. Look for the inside stuff that makes you want to grow old with someone.

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