Top 3 Reasons Why Andi Chose Josh for the Bachelorette Final Rose

Andi and Josh

This season’s The Bachelorette had a few twists and turns, notably the dumping of Nick on the day of the final rose ceremony. I turned to my husband about a third of the way through Monday night’s show and said, “she’s going to choose Josh, and here’s why . . .” Nick gave it all away in his final comments and actions leading up to the last day of the season. There are great relationship take-aways from this season’s show, and they all point to the top three reasons why Andi chose Josh. They might very well be YOUR top [...]

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Juan Pablo Dates Like a CEO!

Juan Pablo

On this season of the hit ABC show, The Bachelor, Juan Pablo is the whole package. He is – of course – gorgeous, not to mention successful in his business, emotionally available, AND looking for marriage. Even better, he’s a loving single Dad to his adorable daughter, Camila. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that? But Juan Pablo is a guy who puts something extra into his dating game plan. Juan Pablo has figured out how to Date Like a CEO, and that’s exactly the subject of my new book for men! Here’s a preview of what it means for [...]

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Mindy McCready’s Fatal Love Mistakes


Earlier this year, Mindy McCready, hugely successful country singer, and mother of two small children, took her own life. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided. How did her romantic relationships play into her downfall and death? Find out the risks of love addiction and how to avoid them. Understand why making passion your goal may block you from a healthy love relationship. Also in this podcast, is serial monogamy standing in the way of a healthy relationship? Maybe you’ll see yourself in Samantha’s story: her history with serial monogamy, the impact on her life, and what should be her next [...]

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Bachelorette Des Wins Big By Dating Smart!

Des and Chris

This year’s series The Bachelorette gave us perhaps the best ever example of how to date smart. Congratulations to Desiree Hartsock on her engagement to Chris Siegfried, but more importantly, for how she conducted herself in her quest for a soul mate. There’s so much to say, but I’ll give you the highlights of her season on the Bachelorette and what she did that worked so well. 1. She was 100% authentic every step of the way. The minute Des realized she couldn’t see a future with someone, she spoke up. This is so important, because dating is ultimately about choosing someone [...]

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Sexting Is Cheating, And a Whole Lot More

sexting 1

Anthony Weiner cannot stop himself. And unfortunately, he’s not getting enough push back for his offensive behavior. His wife stands by him (poor Huma), he still has backers in his political campaign for mayor of New York, and far too many young women today think it’s appropriate for men to send them sexually explicit texts and messages, or to send them to men. And that is the real problem – that there isn’t enough outcry from women against this kind of behavior. Like my colleague, Dr. Keith Ablow, I do not buy the feminist party line that women and men [...]

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Manti Te’o Was Catfished! How? Why?


The big news over the past couple of weeks is Manti Te’o – the elaborate hoax that put him in the media spolight in the most uncomfortable way possible. As the bizarre tale unfolded of how he fell in love with a woman he never met, the revelations seemed stranger than fiction. How could this famed Notre Dame player fall for something so outrageous? Here’s the scoop on how it happened to him, and why you must protect yourself from the risk of dating someone online. (For the Fox 4 story in which I was interviewed about Manti Te’o, click [...]

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Six Steps to Recover Post Affair [Love Strategies Podcast]

Robert P Kristen S

This week’s hot Hollywood news item is that the stars of the blockbuster Twilight series, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, may be getting back together. Why not? One affair doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship. In fact, it can be a new beginning and actually bring a couple closer. But there are things to watch out for along the way if you want a healthy, lasting relationship post affair. Here’s my advice for Robert and Kristen, and all couples in this situation. Also in this podcast: How to recover from break-ups powerfully so that you can return [...]

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Internet Dating Part Two [Love Strategies Podcast]


I’ve heard singles for years tell me their reasons for not utilizing the internet to meet someone for dating: a.) there are too many duds, and I always get the duds, b.) no one that I care to meet ever responds to my profile, c.) the ones I do meet turn out to be something less than I thought, d.) it takes too much time to go through all the winks, emails, phone calls, and coffee dates to get to a viable person. That’s just the beginning of the excuses, but here’s what you need to know. Dating, like any [...]

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The REAL Reason We Care About Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

After a nine month courtship and a multi-million dollar, media event, star-studded wedding, Kim Kardashian is ending her 72 day MARRIAGE. The cynical side of us says “Another narcissistic Hollywood starlet is throwing a tantrum called ‘filing-for-divorce-after-one-minute-of-marriage’ - so what?” But the concerned side of us must ask this question: Why do we worship at the altar of these media spectacles? And, more importantly: What is the cost to the rest of us for the messages sent and received? Millions watched Kim’s wedding, and you can bet that the majority of those viewers were young women – impressionable girls who desperately [...]

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Who’s Your Celebrity Fantasty Date? Would it Work Out in Real Life?

A recent Yahoo Personals poll found that single women want to date George Clooney while single men want to date Jessica Alba. Reports have it that George is dating a woman who served cocktails at his table recently, so maybe these fantasy dates are not that far out of reach after all. The fantasy, of course, is that someone who appears to be highly successful, not to mention having a fantastically good face/body d.n.a., would also be someone who would be a good partner in a long-term relationship. Looks and success are only one tiny sliver of the picture of what makes a great [...]

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The Bachelorette: Jillian FINALLY Dumps Bad Boy Wes

It took way too long, but she finally did it. This season’s Bachelorette, Jillian, dumped this season’s worst bachelor ever, Wes-the-snake. That she finally sent him packing is no great surprise. What is shocking is the notion that there is a woman in Austin who will take him back (per his tasteless comment at the end that he was going home to lots of sex). But since Wes is a habitual liar, maybe this ”girlfriend” back home is a self-created myth to keep his ego pumped. If she is for real, we can hope that SHE buys a clue and dumps his sorry [...]

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The Bachelorette: Jillian Keeps Bad Boy, Dumps Good Guy

This season’s bachelorette, Jillian, has a tough job sorting out the good from the not so good. She doesn’t have the insight that we do, such as the clips of narcissistic Wes preening about his musical career. Still, we can learn from watching her journey as we hope for a good outcome. He’s not ready. Jillian opted to not give Robby the bartender a rose, and that was a wise choice. Given his lack of maturity, she would have been investing in the HOPE that he will grow up and be ready to start a family. Someday. Hope is not a good [...]

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Coaching for the Bachelorette

Dear Jillian: You had to let Ed go because when the chips were down, he bolted. Yes, his job is important, but you nailed it when you advised him to put his future relationship first, work second. He either wasn’t that into you, or he’s afraid of commitment – either way, it was crumbs, not the banquet, for you. Good for you – you didn’t succumb to the temptation to settle for less! Regarding Wes – I sure hope your “chooser” isn’t so broken that you can’t spot a slick manipulator. Your job at this stage of the game is [...]

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Was Kate Hudson Too Needy for Lance Armstrong?

Fox news reported that Lance Armstrong broke up with Kate Hudson over the weekend because she was “too needy.” If the report is true – and who knows since the source is an associate at his foundation and not the man himself - let’s look at what it really means. Men don’t break up over neediness. That’s right – even though that is an often cited reason for leaving a woman, the reality is that when a guy says she was too needy, he’s using that as code for something else that he doesn’t know how to define. The truth is that [...]

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The Bachelorette: DeAnna Makes a Wise Choice

In this season’s The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas is working hard to find and marry a soul mate after the heartbreak of being dumped by Bachelor Brad Womack. In Monday night’s episode, DeAnna did family visits with the four men who have made it through so far: Graham, Jesse, Jason, and Jeremy. Her time with Jesse, Jason, and Jeremy and their families was clearly positive as evidenced by her declarations after each one: “I’m definitely falling for this guy; I can see myself married to this guy; being with this guy would be perfect!” Then there was Graham. This is the guy [...]

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Sex and the City: Is Mr. Big for Real?

My husband and I saw Sex and the City the movie Saturday night. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love it! It was laugh-out-loud funny at times, and there were moments that brought tears to our eyes (yes, his too!). My favorite movies are the ones that make me laugh and make me cry – and this one hits all those emotions and more. It’s fun with a point. I won’t give away the movie. Instead, I’ll go back to the television show. At the end of seven years of dating agony, Carrie and Mr. big finally got together, and it [...]

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Temptation: Mariah Rushes Into Marriage

Superstar pop singer Mariah Carey and her fiance of five days, actor Nick Cannon, wed in the Bahamas on April 30th. Though they met three years ago, they began dating in late March. That’s a six week courtship. Mariah has had her share of relationship troubles, marrying and then divorcing her manager of many years, Tommy Mottola, with whom she put on a positive public face while married. Later, she said that she felt trapped by his controlling behavior. Her career has had enormous highs and some lows, but she remains a pop superstar. Maybe it’s time for some happiness for [...]

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The Bachelor: Matt and Shayne Are Pacing

My prediction of who would get the final rose was off – Matt Grant chose Shayne Lamas in the final episode of this season’s The Bachelor. He proposed and gave her a stunning ring, sealing their relationship for the next stage. At this point, this couple might be tempted to rush into a relationship (see Chapter Eight in Temptations of the Single Girl); instead, they are pacing their relationship for discovery and development. Shayne, speaking very level-headedly, declared that they would not set a wedding date until their relationship grows and she is mentally and physically prepared to marry. What a refreshing stance! [...]

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The Bachelor: The Perils of Matt

Tonight on abc’s The Bachelor, we’ll find out who our British hunk Matt chose, Shayne or Chelsea. My prediction: Chelsea, and here’s why. While Matt has had an ongoing infatuation with Shayne, I think her age will be a barrier, and his family will probably underscore the reality that she is very young. Also, I don’t think Matt’s background and Shayne’s background mesh. Why Chelsea? She’s the girl that Matt has consistently pursued, hard, despite lots of evidence that she’s not as into him as he is into her. But he’s an assertive male, and I think the fact that he’s had [...]

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The Bachelor: Nina’s Fantasy Scenario

It’s the end of the show, the Rose Ceremony. Our handsome bachelor du jour is standing next to the silver tray with only four roses. Five beautiful women stand before him, waiting to find out who stays and who goes home. After handing out two roses, he pickes up the third rose. A pregnant pause ensues. Then, he says “Samantha, will you please accept this rose?” Samantha, a truly smart and self-assured woman, flashes a big smile, then tilts her head thoughtfully. “Actually, Greg, I’m going to decline the rose. Oh don’t get me wrong!” she declares. “You’re wonderful – really you [...]

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The Bachelor: Meet the Families

Monday night’s episode of The Bachlor featured home town journeys for Matt, our British Bachelor. Shayne, the girl who seemed the most off balance at the beginning of the series, now appears to be the front runner for Matt’s heart. “It’s almost too good to be true, the connection that we have,” he declared after meeting her parents and sister. The warmth and receptiveness of her family had to have been a strong plus. Chelsea’s Dad gave her some good advice after meeting Matt, coaching her to tell him how she feels about him. Matt still seems to be having lots [...]

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The Bachelor: Why Matt Dumped Holly

After a romantic connection on their solo date last week, Holly had every reason to believe that this season’s Bachelor Matt would choose her at the end of the 2 on 1 date this week. But her hopes were dashed and she left in tears. “I was 100% me, and that’s not what he wants,” she said, hurt and stunned. If this had been a real dating situation, Holly might have been tempted to take the lead at this point. Ego rails at the idea that we might be rejected by someone with whom we feel a connection. The reasoning goes like [...]

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The Bachelor: Does Matt Have a Broken Chooser?

I’m a little bit concerned about this season’s bachelor, Matt, and his relationship chooser. Last week, Matt and the bachelorettes frolicked in Las Vegas while consuming far too much alcohol. In fact, alcohol consumption has been a main feature in many of this season’s scenarios. It seemed that all Matt got in return for the free-flowing champagne and martinis was a drunken, overly dramatic encounter with Shayne, this season’s Drama Queen. Surprisingly, he gave her a rose. This week, Matt chose two women for one on one dates, Shayne being one of the two. Yes, she’s cute, but the level [...]

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The Bachelor: Taking the Lead Instead of Taking Your Cues

Monday night’s new season launch of The Bachelor introduced us to Matt Grant, 27, a handsome global financier from London. He seems like a nice, charming guy, and his sexy good looks, intelligence, and strong famlily ties make him a great catch. He gave away something significant about his search for a wife in his initial interview. He shared with the show’s host that it has been challenging for him to meet someone who is genuine. Could it be that Matt is looking for a woman who is secure enough to be herself? I think so. But what did Matt [...]

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Update on Katie and Tom

After a year of marriage and lots of life change, Katie Holmes is still gushing about her new husband, Tom Cruise. Add to that the stress of having their first child, and you have a marriage that could be going off the rails. Instead, it seems to be doing quite well. Katie and Tom rolled the dice a couple of years ago, rushing into a committed relationship and parenthood without spending any time in courtship and discovery. This is equivalent to going to Las Vegas, putting all your money on one number, and rolling the roulette wheel. The odds of your number coming [...]

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