The One Emotional Tool You Need to Succeed at Love


Do you feel thwarted in love? Develop this one emotional tool and it will change everything. I know a wonderful guy. Jim is a very successful executive who absolutely loves his job helping to run a mid-sized company. He is a striking guy – tall, good looking, and fit. He’s super kind and considerate of others, one of the many reasons he is a great leader and his team reveres him so much. Jim will retire in his mid-fifties a multi-millionaire, hard earned and well deserved. One thing that Jim doesn’t have is a great relationship with a woman. He [...]

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The One Thing to Have Your Best EVER Dating Year

2015 goals

If you’re setting intentions for the new year, this one may be your most important. There is ONE THING that will make this your best year ever for dating. I love HGTV, especially the house hunter episodes. Usually it’s a couple, searching for the perfect home for their family. Getting on the same page with the wish list is sometimes a challenge, but by the end of the show, they’re happily at home in their new abode. One thing all house hunters have in common is that they know what they want. They don’t randomly wander around looking at houses [...]

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Texting for Dates: Top 3 Rules You Must Follow

texting best pic

Before you hit “send” on that text, stop and think. You may be tanking a perfectly good relationship. Here’s how to keep your new love on the rails. Some people say you don’t need rules for texting – it’s anything goes. It’s a great tool and it’s easier than picking up the phone and calling, so why not use it in just about any scenario? I say, it IS a great tool, but like any tool, it can be used to build something or it can be used to tear something apart. When used the wrong way, texting can tank what might [...]

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4 Guy Types to Rehab, or Not

4 guys

Before you dedicate yourself to changing a guy, take a look at these guy types. The one you want to rehab may be the one you can’t. There are four general categories of guy dating pain that you may encounter. One is a potential salvage job, one is potentially dangerous, and two are projects that you could spend a lifetime on and get nowhere. Here’s the difference. One: The commitment phobe. This is the guy who can’t comprehend settling down, but that doesn’t stop him from dating. The true commitment phobe has it wired this way: Commitment is PERMANENT, FOREVER, [...]

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Juan Pablo Dates Like a CEO!

Juan Pablo

On this season of the hit ABC show, The Bachelor, Juan Pablo is the whole package. He is – of course – gorgeous, not to mention successful in his business, emotionally available, AND looking for marriage. Even better, he’s a loving single Dad to his adorable daughter, Camila. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that? But Juan Pablo is a guy who puts something extra into his dating game plan. Juan Pablo has figured out how to Date Like a CEO, and that’s exactly the subject of my new book for men! Here’s a preview of what it means for [...]

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Valentine’s Day: Gift Giving and Relationship Stages


Are you dating someone new – say, less than six months? Are you wondering what kind of gift to give, and what to expect? What you do next could make or break your budding relationship. Here’s how todecide what is the right – and wrong – gift to give in a new dating relationship. First, stop and reflect: how involved are we at this point? Have you said I love you? Are you sleeping together, exclusive? Are you talking about future, meeting each others relatives? If youre at this level of involvement, then your gifts should reflect it. For him:A [...]

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4 Hot Tips for Bringing Love Into Your Life This Year

goal setting

It’s January, that time of year when we set new intentions and goals, but are you setting the kind of goals that will bring love into your life this year? It turns out there are some “do’s” and “don’ts”that can make a huge positive difference as you set your goals for 2014, especially if you’re ready to find love: Be intentional. Its far too easy to let another year drift by, taking no particular action, and hoping something will magically happen to improve your love life. Setting powerful intentions frames your mindset and stimulates new behaviors. Set intentions such as [...]

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Bachelorette Des Wins Big By Dating Smart!

Des and Chris

This year’s series The Bachelorette gave us perhaps the best ever example of how to date smart. Congratulations to Desiree Hartsock on her engagement toChris Siegfried, but more importantly,for how she conducted herself in her quest for a soul mate. There’s so much to say, but I’ll give you the highlights of her season on the Bachelorette and what she did that worked so well. 1. She was 100% authentic every step of the way. The minute Des realized she couldn’t see a future with someone, she spoke up. This is so important, because dating is ultimately about choosing someone [...]

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Love Addiction [Love Strategies Podcast]


Have you ever loved someone who could not or would not move forward and make a real commitment? Did you ever find yourself in the position of holding onto someone who caused you more pain than happiness? Do your friends tell you that you are settling? Do you know what it feels like to believe that the person you love is the ONLY person you could ever love that much, so that you have no objectivity, no ability to choose in or choose out? Do you talk endlessly to your friends and family aboutall the problems in your relationship, re-hashing [...]

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Why We Love Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Saturday at the beauty salon where I get my hair done, everyone was buzzing about the bestselling erotic fantasy novel Fifty Shades of Grey. My stylist, eyes glowing, told me I just had to read it. It seems that some of the women in the shop were getting a little marital lift out of Fifty Shades. One customer reportedly had “attacked her husband twice” the week that she read the book. So I gamely downloaded it and did my “research,” and it is truly a page-turning erotic journey. Since the book seems to be such a phenomenon, I wondered about [...]

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Obstacles and Dreams [Love Strategies Podcast]

my dream is

What are your dreams for your life? Do you believe you can make them happen, or have you given up? More importantly, what is in the way of you achieving your dreams? In this enlightening podcast, Nina talks about the power of dreams: defining them, overcoming obstacles, and believing in them. If you are willing to take a few risks, you may want to challenge yourself to a.) define your dreams, and b.) understand how you may be sabotaging yourself on the road to achieving them. Also, find out how dreams can be the fuel for your life, and what [...]

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Myth of Free Love [Love Strategies Podcast]

hippie couple

What is “free love” and how does it affect today’s relationships? If you are over the age of 45, you already have some concept, but whether you do or not, the 1960′s notion of “free love” has a huge impact on relationships today. Your life has already been impacted by this historical phenomenon, and you may want to know how, especially for women. It’s not what you think, and in this enlightening podcast Nina shreds old notions about this familiar concept. Find out what real love reallyis, how two people can create it together, and why it is so much [...]

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Holistic Living With Tina Marie [Podcast Interview with Nina]

Tina Marie Jones

Tina Marie Jones, Voice America Radio Host Extraordinaire, interviews Nina in this candid discussion about what happens when women give away their power in a relationship. Listen in as Tina Marie and Nina examine the top three myths that keep women stuck in a cycle of relationships that are unloving and unsafe. Find out what you can do as a woman to begin a new relationship on the right path, or correct the path of your current relationship. To find out more about Tina Marie and to access her radio show and other offerings, visit her website. Click on the [...]

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Am I Right For Him? [Love Strategies Podcast]

worried about relationship

Am I right for him? This is the unconsciously asked question that gets women into big trouble with men. You may not realize it, but you may be operating through this filter in your relationships. Initially, he’s totally into you, and that feels wonderful! But what happens a few weeks or months later when he seems to pull away emotionally? How do you handle it when his attention and intention fall off? How do you react when he begins to subtly (or not-so-subtly) criticize you, making suggestions about how you can lose weight, cut your hair, and more? Listen to [...]

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The Running Woman: How Do I Stop and Love?

runaway bride 2

Hi Nina: I am attracted to emotionally unavailable men. However I am also emotionally unavailable; I always look for an escape clause. I watched my parents, who loved each other, have a miserable marriage for over 30 yrs (they divorced when I was 26). I swore that if I cared for someone & he or I wasn’t happy I would be strong enough to leave. I was in a relationship with a man for 6 yrs & as usual I left.I believe this was the right thing to do, for both of us. Now when I meet someone I am [...]

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Does Texting Ruin Relationships?

Recently a journalist called and wanted to discuss the impact of texting on relationships – notthe first time I have beenasked that question.It’s highly relevant given the prevalence of social medial and how it’s used. Here are the questions asked and my answers: Do you think that texting creates insecurity and misunderstanding in a relationship? And does it give a man more power? Texting is just a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used constructively or destructively. If you have an issue in your relationship, texting is not the avenue to solve it. Face-to-face interaction is better [...]

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Three Reasons the Holidays Can Be Tough for Singles

…And What to Do About It Fourteen years ago, the holidays came around but I was not ina festive mood. Everywhere I looked, there were constant reminders of what was supposed to be happening in my life: happy couples strolling along in the mall, television commercials featuring the guy giving the girl a gorgeous diamond ring, not to mention those holiday songs of love. I was divorced, had broken up with my latest boyfriend, and what I wanted most for Christmas was for it to be over, already. I know firsthand what it feels like to feel left out, and [...]

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Needy vs. Intentional [Love Strategies Podcast]

Are you leading an intentional life? Do you listen to your inner compass – that part of you that tells you what is in your highest and greatest good? Nina tells you why it is so important to develop a strong inner compass and to listen to it. When you do, you are more empowered to make choices and to behave in ways that move your life forward on the path you truly desire. Here’s what helps: Emotional intelligence – the source of intuition and gut feelings that inform us about people and situations that are good for us, and [...]

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What Direction is Your Inner Compass Pointed?

Some situations in life you cannot control, but during those that you can, self-inflicted situations we’ll call them, how do you handle yourself? Do you listen to your inner compass? Our bodies can pick up emotional energy from other people, and the whole field of emotional intelligence has shown us that there’s a reason that we have a feeling known as intuition- knowing what kind of situations and people are good or bad for us. So as you move through life, listen to that instinct. Some people ask me why it’s so important to not drink alcohol on the first [...]

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The On-Again, Off-Again Path to a Great Relationship

What do you get caught in that pulls you off the path of a great relationship? Do you date men who are high risk? Men who take you on a roller coaster ride that ends in heartbreak? How do you determine a guys character? Do you have a well-defined picture of what youre looking for in a relationship? Are you committed to your vision? You have to figure out what your vision is and stay true to that. I want you to sidestep settle-for relationships and eventually avoid them altogether. Dont waste your time on dates and men who are [...]

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Out With the Bad, in With the Good

Michael asked if he and his girlfriend have a chance at a healthy love and a life of accomplishment of goals. With multiple addictions between them, and a family history of addictions on both sides, they have many challenges. Here’s my message to them. Michael: firstof all, I want to acknowledge you forsharing your story and for having the self-insight to be concerned about your future (and your future childrens lives). The first step in any process of recovery and growth is, as youknow, awareness, and then declaring the truth of your situation. Second, the most useful way to view [...]

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Relationship Smorgasbord

Love Strategies August 15th: It was truly a mix of topics, starting with women leaving their marriages in droves, touching on honesty inonline dating,and ending with an inspirational quote from Kahlil Gibran on love. Listen to the whole show here. This story appeared in theDallas Morning News over the weekend: Why are women leaving their marriages? Journalist Christine Wicker cited anecdotal evidence that middle-aged women are not content staying married tothe husbands with whom they’ve spent the past several decades. Confronted with mid life, they are questioning the decisions of the past, and many are carving out an escape path. [...]

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Who Says Resolutions Have to Start With the New Year?

If you have completed your visioning exercises (seeprevious blogs: 2008 Intentions, 2007 Reflections, Current State, Life Vision Statement, and 2008 Vision Statement), then you are ready to set SMART goals for 2010. What is a SMART goal? S = Specific M = Measurable A = Action-oriented, achievable R = Results-oriented T = Time-based A SMART goal might be something like this: Land a new job in my industry by end the fourth quarter 2010 Join 3 online dating services and complete my profiles by end of January 11 Attend two singles groups or functions every month in 10 Arrange time [...]

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For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction. So…Take Action!

Understanding and awareness are powerful first steps necessary for any life change. But if you stop there, so does your life. Action moves things forward; action creates real change. Nothing, even the deepest levels of understanding and awareness, substitutes for action. If youre not happy with your dating life, get into action. Use these SinglesCoach forums to educate yourself, read my books, listen to my audio tapes, then put what you learn into real world action. If the goal is a great relationship, then the action is get in the game! That means you must actively search for and participate [...]

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A Good Relationship with Oneself is the First Step to a Good Relationship

Dear Nina: Ive read your book, Temptations of the Single Girl, and Im getting ready to read Be Your Own Dating Service and I really need your advice. Im 43 years old and until a year ago, I have never been in a relationship, and I mean never. I wish I knew why, people tell me Im attractive. I have had some weight issues, which could be one reason why men werent attracted to me. It hasnt been from my lack of trying. Ive known and liked different men over the years, but I guess I just wasnt choosing the [...]

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