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How to Attract a Soul Mate Relationship: An Empowering Process for Singles
By Nina Atwood
Two CD Audio Series

Everyone dreams about having a special relationship, but are you on the path to a deep, loving connection that will last? "How to Attract a Soul Mate Relationship" establishes new principles that alter your course. Transform your search for a relationship into a quest for the soul mate of your dreams. Discover the eleven priorities that create lasting passion and ever-deepening connection. Attract the love you deserve using seven specific steps for singles. Connect and communicate on all levels for reciprocal love, growth, and passion. The Internet's Singlescoach®, Nina Atwood, coaches you in your journey to attracting the devoted partner you have always imagined possible. This audio series will provide you with positive and rich insights, allowing a new and powerful vision to be fulfilled in your life. Take the steps now to realize your dreams.

What a reader has to say:

"I purchased the 'Soul Mate' audio series with some reluctance. There was this voice inside my head saying 'Do I really need more audios probably saying the same thing as others already on the shelf?' In this particular case I'm glad that impulse overpowered caution. I have listened to the audio series three times now and gotten much from them, and something new each go around. One comment helped me understand and deal with a current relationship problem. So, here's a BIG thanks."

- A fan