Nina's Bio

Nina's Philosophy

Years of experience as an expert facilitator of people’s growth have taught me that the keys to happiness revolve around a handful of very basic things:

  • Spirituality – an awareness of and belief in something greater than ourselves
  • Values – knowing what we will and will not do based on a sense of basic right and wrong
  • Emotional intelligence – self-awareness and the ability to be aware of others (understanding, empathy, compassion)
  • Behavior – doing things that work, avoiding things that don’t, awareness of the consequences of what we do, and choosing behavior that is in our highest and greatest good and that of the lives we touch
  • Contribution – an orientation to life that is bigger than getting what we selfishly want, aiming instead to make a positive contribution to others
  • Alignment of all of the above – we choose and act true to our spiritual beliefs, values, self- and other-awareness, and the desire to contribute

In relationships, the keys are pretty simple as well:

  • Choose well – find someone whose values align with yours and who does the right things, no excuses
  • Accept – when you find that right person, open your heart, love and accept him or her for exactly who he/she is, warts and all
  • Communicate – listen most of the time, share when needed, and always with compassion
  • Behave lovingly – do small, loving things every day

With these things in place, life and relationships work! Life is complicated enough without adding more. We tend to over-analyze ourselves and our situations in today’s world. I aim to take out some of that complexity by providing straightforward, clear advice that cuts through the psycho-babble and connects with the real world.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In reality, most of us struggle to just do the simple, positive things that work. We need tools to prompt us, reinforce good behavior, and keep us motivated and on track. That’s what Singlescoach® is all about. That's why I write books and share them with you.

Buy and read my books. Sign up for my columns and read them. Share them with others. Discuss what you're learning with others. I promise you’ll gain real tools that will help you grow and achieve what you really want in your life and your relationships.

Yours in Success,