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Unfortunately most of us know a couple that just doesn't fit together, and many times that problem can start when the guy tries to rescue that damsel in distress. Relationship expert and author of "Date Like a CEO," Nina Atwood has tips on how to break that cycle.

It's "some kind of wonderful" when you fall in love. But how does that feeling last through the different stages of a relationship? Nina appeared on KTXD's D: the Broadcast to explain how!

How datable are you? Dating after divorce can be challenging but Nina gives you the tips for making it work.

Manti Te'o Was Catfished! How was he so easily tricked? Nina provides the story behind the story of who, what, and why this elaborate hoax played out in the media.

Is Shacking Up Good or Bad for Marriage?
Nina comments on the latest research on marriage and living together.

Nina gives advice on Good Morning Texas on overcoming the challenge of dating after 50.

Nina gives advice to singles on Good Morning Texas: How to avoid dating pitfalls.

Nina gives advice to parents on Fox4: When are children too young for cell phones?

Nina gives dating advice on Good Morning Texas - how to avoid cheesy pick-up lines.

A new study says more young couples hang out in stayover relationships rather than moving toward marriage. Is this a good or a bad trend? Nina says it's good in some ways, not so good in others. Watch the video for the whole story.

Nina answers the question: Is Cyber Cheating Really Cheating?

Is naughty the new normal? Are teenage girls dressing too sexy, and should parents intervene? Nina says yes! Find out all about it on this Fox 4 segment featuring Nina's advice for girls and Moms.

Singles everywhere complain about the lack of good people to meet, but Nina says it's not where you are geographically, it's where you are in your mind and heart. Find out the number one mistake singles make and what to do about it. Watch this segment featuring Nina from Channel 33:

Nina says "no, marriage will never be obsolete." But the results of a survey by the Pew Institute reveals that the same old assumptions are not necessarily true when it comes to marriage and family. Watch the video of Nina's segment on Fox 4 in Dallas:

Nina was featured on Great Day Houston, station KHOU, on settling for less and on her book Temptations of the Single Girl:

For Media:

Nina Atwood is a highly experienced and savvy media resource on the topics of dating and romantic love - she's been interviewed hundreds of times on radio, television, and in print. Contact Nina for interviews and review copies of her new book Temptations of the Single Girl: The Ten Dating Traps You Must Avoid.

Nina “tells it like it is” – no fluff, no “how to flirt or how to get your man” stuff! Nina pulls no punches in her mission to enlighten today’s men and women about how to create healthy relationships. Audiences love her because she easily relates to the struggles of dating and single life, and also because her message resonates with deep-down truth minus the psychobabble.

Nina will brainstorm with you the ins and outs of modern day romance so your content is highly relevant to today’s audience. Ask for a list of suggested topics for your story. Be sure and ask for your own special twist to the story! Nina is great at improvising so your content is always fresh and different. Be sure and check out her weekly blog on Singlescoach® for boatloads of ideas for stories.


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