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Date Smart with Singlescoach® and Find the Love of Your Life!

Do you have a powerful dating game plan and the confidence to follow it? If not, let us help you with your dating dilemmas so that you can learn to date smart and find the love of your life!

"Singlescoaching has been life-changing. When I first started coaching, I had been divorced for several years, was happy being single, and wasn't sure I even wanted or believed I COULD be in a great relationship. But something was ‘when is my real life going to start?’ We started looking at my core values and what I really wanted in a relationship…and I was floored to realize that I had never even considered my values in conjunction with a relationship. I was also very nervous to be vulnerable and authentic in a relationship! Now I have the tools and the belief I need to be in a great relationship!”

- Singlescoaching client

With the help of our Certified Singlescoach® and our exclusive, confidential telephone coaching program*, you will:

  • Quickly un-learn old dating patterns that no longer serve you
  • Learn new, healthy dating patterns – and stick to them!
  • Implement the keys to finding and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Build a powerful vision for your life that includes a loving, lasting relationship
  • De-brief your dates for learning and growth – no more wasting time with the wrong people
  • *Singlescoach® dating relationship group workshops and seminars are also available onsite in our offices. Contact us for scheduling and pricing details.

Studies show that coaching helps you:

  • Reinforce new learning through discussion and accountability
  • Stick with a new path through ongoing support
  • Permanently change the way you think about an area of your life through re-direction and reinforcement
  • Permanently change your behavior so that you accomplish your goals and life your dreams

The Singlescoach® program covers these key coaching areas:

  • Understand your self – have greater self-insight for behavior and attitude change
  • SinglesCoach® personal assessment – look at your current state of dating and relationships so you can formulate a new plan
  • Personal Visioning – create a new vision for your life that is specific, powerful, believable, and doable
  • Uncovering self-limiting beliefs – by realizing your own internal blocks, you can release them and move forward into the life you’ve always dreamed of

Increase Your Attraction Quotient (A.Q.)

  • Create an authentic, empowering vision
  • Clarify your negotiables and non-negotiables
  • Create an attitude of success and self-confidence that is irresistible to others
  • Assess your emotional readiness for a relationship; then shift to a state of emotional openness

Create a Dating Game Plan

  • How will you socialize? Where? Establish a new plan for social outreach
  • Online dating – getting started
    • Review of online profile and improving it
    • Implementation of online dating step-by-step plan
    • Coaching as you get responses
    • Adjusting your profile for greater success

Date Smart

  • Implement the three-date Singlescoach® system of mutual discovery
    • How to assess compatibility in the first three dates
    • Minimize time with the wrong people
    • Rapidly move on when it’s not right

The Singlescoaching Guarantee

  • We are committed to a quality coaching program and your satisfaction!
  • If you are not satisfied at any point during your first block of 4 sessions, contact Nina for a full refund of your money


Q: What is the cost for the coaching program?

A: Coaching is purchased in packages of four (4) sessions of 25 minutes per session. The total four-session package is $200.00, payable via credit card in advance of the first session.

Q: How long does it take to do the entire program?

A: The amount of time it takes is individual, depending on your commitment to doing the homework and being prepared for each session, as well as your willingness to change and grow. Typical time frames range from four to sixteen sessions.

Q: How do I get started with the SinglesCoach® Date Smart program?

A: It’s easy! Simply click the button below and follow the instructions. You will be asked to review and signify acceptance of our terms, then pay via secure online credit card processing. Your Singlescoach® will call you to schedule your first appointment within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.