Temptations of the Single Girl:
The Ten Dating Traps You Must Avoid

By Nina Atwood

Temptations of the Single Girl: The Ten Dating Traps You Must Avoid is available in eBook format only through Barnes and Noble as a Nook book, and through amazon.com as a Kindle book. You can download the Nook or Kindle app on any iPad device or eReader.

Smart Women Learn How to Date for Real Love!

What readers have to say about this book:

This Book Changed My Life: I have read many, many books on relationships and all of them offered their own valuable insights. But Temptations of the Single Girl spoke to me in a way that no other "self-help" book has. Reading Temptations of the Single Girl has changed my life, for the better.
Wise Advice in An Entertaining Format: If I had read this book sooner, I could have avoided a lot of emotionally difficult relationships. I recognized nearly all my exes in the temptations. After reading it, I felt empowered and wanted more for myself. The next time a temptation came up, I was able to turn it away because I saw it for what it really was...a drain on my time and emotions with no payoff.
Eye Opening and Empowering: After reading this book, I immediately changed my dating behaviors. I could see how my behavior was hurting relationships instead of helping. The information in this book makes so much sense; I wish I had read it 20 years ago! I'm definitely taking better care of myself as a result as well. If you’re single...read it!
Amazing: First let me start by saying as many books that I buy I never write a review good or bad; this time it's different. I have been reading self-help for years and this is the first book that actually made sense to me. I read it in one sitting and it was truly amazing, going where other books fail to go, breaking down everything you need to know. Nina now has a fan for life - she's really interested in helping people, not just making money.

Can you unlearn old, destructive dating patterns
and learn new ones?
Will that result in a great relationship?
Yes, you can and yes, it will!

If you're like most women, you are baffled by today's dating world. Your parents probably didn't teach you what you need to know, and your friends are just as confused. It's time to learn what it means to date smart, and how to stop dating men who break your heart and drain your energy. You can break those bad patterns and learn new ones. The result is that you'll be able to fall in love with someone wonderful who wants you as much as you want him! You'll have the love you want by learning the secrets of dating that lead to real success: a loving relationship with a good guy who only wants to make you happy.

The way out is by understanding the ten temptations that derail your dating relationships, take you down blind alleys, and block you from the experience of real love. Written in an easy-to-read parable format, this book will give you the usable tools so you can:

  • End the cycle of dating men who are emotionally unavailable
  • End the cycle of dating men who are high-risk; no more roller coaster rides ending in heartbreak!
  • Determine his character within three dates by using specific questions that uncover his past behavior with women
  • Establish and commit to your vision for a great relationship
  • Stay true to your vision using powerful, specific dating steps and behaviors
  • Manage your sexual behavior and his for the best possible outcome: a loving, committed relationship headed toward marriage
  • Spot a "settle for" relationship quickly and side-step it so you stay on your path to a great relationship
  • Know exactly when and how to lead and when and how to follow for the right emotional balance
  • Ensure that your relationship will move to marriage - no more wasting years of your life on someone who won't commit!
  • Stop wasting time on internet dates with losers
  • Spend your time with quality men exploring real relationships
  • Stay true to your deepest values so you never again compromise what's most important
  • Be happily married to someone wonderful!

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