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Soul Talk: Powerful, Positive Communication for a Loving Partnership
By Nina Atwood


Love relationships are changing! Today, we want a lover, friend, companion, and most of all, a soul mate connection. Soul Talk offers a fresh way of relating that changes the very nature of how men and women relate to one another:

  • Intuitive Listening allows you to hear what your partner isn't saying
  • Listening Empty helps you quickly resolve conflict and re-connect
  • Speaking to Empower keeps conversations positive, even the difficult ones
  • Acknowledgment and Appreciation keeps that "in love" feeling alive

The learning and practice of Soul Talk allows two very different individuals to understand one another, resolve conflict, and deepen and enrich the love that they share.

What readers have to say:

Helped Immesurably
This book has helped me immeasurably. I wish I had read this book when I was younger. It gives practical ways to build and strengthen relationships - not just romantic ones. I have used it in my business and with my children. I particularly liked the parts about "empty listening". I have found those techniques to be very helpful and effective. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in building better relationships with others.

- Reader, Richardson, TX

Accolades for Soul Talk
As the owner of a large furniture dealership in Dallas, Texas, I was looking for new information regarding communication skills dealing in both personal and business relationships. I read SoulTalk and can honestly say that it is the best book ever on communicating and "listening". My entire company has read it and they all feel the same way. This book has helped my organization communicate much more effectively with each other, with their clients and in their personal relationships. I was so impressed with the book that I have formed a Business to Business Women's Group to work through and apply the book, and to help each in our own businesses and networking. Nina is even a part of the group and she has been an incredible asset! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their business and personal lifes through better communication skills.

- Mary S., Dallas, TX

Straight-up. A real eye-opener
This is the stuff we all knew intuitively as children but forget by the time we are old enough to appreciate it. Ms. Atwood helps us connect or reconnect with a spouse, a friend, and really anyone else in our lives with the most powerful tool we have at our disposal - our natural and uniquely human ability to communicate.

- Reader, Carrollton, TX

My wife of twenty years and I are happy to have found Soul Talk. It provides us with insights about our relationship that we had not considered. For example, I had not considered how the words I use might not be processed by my wife in the way I meant them. Our brains are wired differently and the book gives us exercises to practice communication that works. We would recommend each person read the book separately, compare notes by chapter, and then use the information to learn how to talk more effectively to each other. Any relationship will grow through Soul Talk.

- Michael S., Dallas, TX