Are You a Male Love Addict?

 By Nina Atwood

Max has difficulty with women. He’s cute and charming, so he never has trouble getting women to go out with him. Once they do, however, the problems start. The women he falls for always have issues the he feels compelled to try and fix. He exhausts himself trying to get their lives to work at the expense of his own life. Max is a love addict.

Love addiction is a serious problem. For men, the way it manifests is usually different than the way it shows up for women. How many of these behaviors look familiar to you? If more than half of them do, you may be a male love addict:

  • You fall in love quickly when you meet a woman you’re very attracted to
  • The more emotionally unavailable she is, the more you’re attracted to her
  • If she’s really interested in you in the beginning, you turn off
  • If she’s really challenging [dating someone else, dating lots of guys, doesn’t have much time for you], your interest in her ramps up dramatically
  • The women you fall for always have lots of life issues – financial, emotional, drugs/alcohol, abusive Ex, career or lack thereof, mental [bi-polar, depressed, anxious, eating disorder], too much partying, dancer in a strip club, single mom struggling, etc.
  • As soon as you get involved, you feel compelled to try to fix her life issues
  • You pay off her debts and give her money, even at your own financial peril
  • There’s always a new drama with the women you date: she hooks back up with an ex; she stands you up; she gets drunk and stays out all night; she lies about where she is or what she’s doing; she suddenly can’t pay her bills and needs your help; you back off and she flies into a rage, creating chaos in your life
  • You buy expensive gifts that are outside your budget, hoping to win her love
  • You often mistake great sex with a woman for love
  • You’re always surprised when she acts out again
  • When a woman makes your life hell, you lack the ability to step back, assess the situation, and choose to move on when it’s not working for you
  • You hang on to relationships with all your might - you call, drive by, text message, send flowers, write letters, even if she’s told you she doesn’t want you to do those things
  • When you’re intensely involved with a woman, you find it difficult to concentrate at work
  • You’ve lost at least one job or business or a significant amount of money because of the distraction of a bad relationship
  • You act out to relieve your emotional pain over a woman: sleeping around, drinking too much, workaholism, etc.

The good news is: recovery from love addiction is possible. Get solutions here

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  • 1. kelly  |  August 17th, 2008 at 11:08 am

    looking forward to “theres help” part


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