Who Says Resolutions Have to Start With the New Year?

 By Nina Atwood

If you have completed your visioning exercises (see previous blogs: 2008 Intentions, 2007 Reflections, Current State, Life Vision Statement, and 2008 Vision Statement), then you are ready to set SMART goals for 2010. What is a SMART goal?

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Action-oriented, achievable
  • R = Results-oriented
  • T = Time-based

A SMART goal might be something like this:

  • Land a new job in my industry by end the fourth quarter 2010
  • Join 3 online dating services and complete my profiles by end of January ‘11
  • Attend two singles groups or functions every month in ‘10
  • Arrange time to spend with my closest friends every month
  • Lose 10 pounds by November 30th
  • Join a health club and work out 3 times per week beginning first week of October

And so on. Write down your SMART goals, then create a small chart that looks like this:

I will be on track with my goals if I achieve these milestones:

End of 1st quarter: [milestone]

End of 2nd quarter: [milestone]

End of 3rd quarter: [milestone]

End of 4th quarter: [milestone]

Once you have written all of this into your 2010 plan, take the further step of sharing it with at least one other person. Writing down goals makes them take on a real life of intention. Sharing them raises the bar even higher and maximizes the probability that you will achieve them.

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