The Bachelor: Nina’s Fantasy Scenario

 By Nina Atwood

It’s the end of the show, the Rose Ceremony. Our handsome bachelor du jour is standing next to the silver tray with only four roses. Five beautiful women stand before him, waiting to find out who stays and who goes home. After handing out two roses, he pickes up the third rose. A pregnant pause ensues. Then, he says “Samantha, will you please accept this rose?”

Samantha, a truly smart and self-assured woman, flashes a big smile, then tilts her head thoughtfully. “Actually, Greg, I’m going to decline the rose. Oh don’t get me wrong!” she declares. “You’re wonderful – really you are – you’re hot, you’re smart – you’re all that and then some.” Jaws drop throughout the room.

“But,” she says, drawing in air through her teeth and scrunching up her face, “I’m just really not that into you.” And with that, she steps up to him, gives him a sweet kiss and a hug, then turns and sashays from the room.

After Samantha departs, there is a stunned silence. Then Ashley, one of the two remaining girls, slowly steps forward and says, “Now that I think about it, I’m not really that into you either. How about you, Tisha?” she asks the girl standing next to her, who shrugs, blows a kiss at The Bachelor, and leaves with Ashley.

The last two girls, who have already been given roses, stare in shock at The Bachlor, waiting to see what he’ll do. After another pregnant pause, he asks, “Anyone else want to get out now?” They both slowly shake their heads.

Later, our handsome Bachelor is found in a trendy L.A. bar drinking martinis and dancing the night away with the last two bachelorettes. One of them hooks up with a hot guy and leaves with him.

For the remaining bachelorette and the Bachelor, it’s the beginning of a new dating relationship. The proposal comes a year later, at the right time and minus the cameras. Now that’s a fine romance!

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