I’m Divorced, but I’m Still Married to My Responsibilities

 By Nina Atwood

Divorce is one of the most painful of life events, and for women it can be doubly painful because of emotional and financial dependency. Studies continue to show that most women experience a substantial loss in living standards post divorce. On the flip side, successful women who divorce often find themselves forced to provide spousal support for a non-working ex husband (the downside of our hard won equality over the past few decades).

Trying to find the right resources when divorce is imminent can be very difficult. Emotions hold sway and thinking is often unclear. But there are excellent resources out there, and one of them is the Modern Womans Divorce Guide. If you have reached the end of your marriage – if you’ve done everything possible to fix it and there’s no salvaging the relationship – here is a place for you to begin creating a road map for your future.

Like everything else in life at which you need to be successful, your divorce requires planning. Make sure you have all the right resources at hand. Explore the option of mediation if you think you need it. Though your heart may be breaking, do everything possible to clear your mind, reach out, and get the help you need. Your future, and your children’s future, depends on the decisions you are making today. The Modern Womans Divorce Guide will help you make the smart decisions you need to make so that you can move on with the least amount of anguish. Visit the site today, or bookmark it if you suspect you will need it in the future. Share it with a friend who is going through a divorce.

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