Relationship Smorgasbord

 By Nina Atwood

Love Strategies August 15th: It was truly a mix of topics, starting with women leaving their marriages in droves, touching on honesty in online dating, and ending with an inspirational quote from Kahlil Gibran on love. Listen to the whole show here.

This story appeared in the Dallas Morning News over the weekend: Why are women leaving their marriages? Journalist Christine Wicker cited anecdotal evidence that middle-aged women are not content staying married to the husbands with whom they’ve spent the past several decades. Confronted with mid life, they are questioning the decisions of the past, and many are carving out an escape path. Divorce is real, and it’s still prevalent. Is it higher for middle aged women these days? That’s not clear, but if it is true, there are things we can learn from these stories:

– Never stop focusing on having your own life, even if you’re raising children; loss of “self” is a major reason women become massively dissatisfied later in life and blame it on the men they marry; divorce and remarriage won’t fix that

– Never make raising children more important than your relationship with your husband, which is the greatest gift you can give your children; turns out it’s also a major investment in your personal happiness later in life that pays big dividends

– If you’re single, date for real compatibility, not just for a sperm donor or someone to pay the light bill

– Real compatibility: shared values, equal levels of love and commitment for one another, not out of balance

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