When Should You Introduce Your Children to Someone New?

When a single dad is dating, how long should he wait before meeting the woman’s children and vice versa? And how should the father describe the relationship with the woman before the kids meet her? It depends. The timing varies depending on the age of the children and the circumstances of the Dad’s single life. Most children fantasize that their divorced parents will reunite. Meeting someone new crushes that hope, and that can be difficult for them. There are no hard and fast rules about the timing of introducing someone new to your children. What’s important is to consider all […]

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Does Texting Ruin Relationships?

Recently a journalist called and wanted to discuss the impact of texting on relationships – not the first time I have been asked that question. It’s highly relevant given the prevalence of social medial and how it’s used. Here are the questions asked and my answers: Do you think that texting creates insecurity and misunderstanding in a relationship? And does it give a man more power? Texting is just a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used constructively or destructively. If you have an issue in your relationship, texting is not the avenue to solve it. Face-to-face interaction is better […]

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Internet Dating Part One [Love Strategies Podcast]

Did you know that you have one of the most powerful tools ever created at your fingertips – one that could literally have you happily in love in sixty to ninety days? It’s a little thing called THE INTERNET, and INTERNET DATING is now a 650 million dollar business. As I’m writing this, thousands of couples are deciding to marrying, and they MET ON THE INTERNET! If you don’t know someone who is happily married who met their soul mate on the internet, you will. I personally know half a dozen happily married couples in my friendship circles who met […]

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What is Your Attire Telegraphing?

Men want to know from women: if you don’t want me staring at your body, why are you dressed so that major parts of it are showing? Everything we do and wear telegraphs something – and lots of today’s women are sending a loud message to men, but is it the right one? Are you really wearing that? Cleavage and belly buttons exposed do not serve women. It almost guarantees that they will be appreciated for their bodies and not for who they are; that they will be objectified rather than seen as intelligent and accomplished. Young women today seem to wear less and less, […]

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Another George Clooney Ex: Take Responsibility, Shuck the Useless Guilt

Elisabetta Canalis, the latest in a long string of George Clooney’s ex girlfriends, says it’s a “personal failure” that the relationship didn’t work. This gorgeous, apparently sweet woman believes it’s her fault that George, a confirmed bachelor who has publically stated many times that he will not marry, inevitably broke up with her because she wanted more. No big surprise there, but Elisabetta’s faulty conclusions mirror those of many of the hundreds of women I have coached over the years. Here’s the truth of these kinds of scenarios. She’s NOT guilty that the relationship ended. She is RESPONSIBLE for making […]

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He’s Baaack!! Do I Give Him Another Chance?

Dear Nina: I just started reading your book [Temptations of the Single Girl] again after one year. I find it fascinating how it’s actually a work-book, and so many thing I didn’t get when I first read it, I’m starting to understand more now. My question is simple: After you’ve broken up a relationship and the guy comes around again trying to patch things up and start fresh, what is the attitude that you have to have with him, in order to avoid past patterns and eventually a second broken heart? What do you come to the table with, in order […]

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Three Keys to Winning Back the One Who Left [Love Strategies Podcast]

Did you lose a guy you really love? Did you drive him away, or break up with him and now regret it? If so, there are some things you can do to maximize the odds of a reunion, and also to better aim for a long-term relationship success. Learn about cyber-stalking, and what you need to do to protect yourself. Also, find out what is the impact on your health of the ways that you communicate (or don’t). Click on the arrow below to listen now, or download and listen to this podcast later. Listen Now [Audio clip: view full […]

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Congressman Weiner: Fuzzy Relationship Math

Let’s see. If you take suggestive emails, sexually explicit texts, and pornographic tweets and add them up, then substract the physical contact (because we never actually met or had sex), that equals NO CHEATING. Yeah, right. That’s fuzzy relationship math, and it doesn’t add up. If you believe in monogamy, then Congressman Weiner’s “cyber cheating” really is cheating. Get the whole scoop from me in this Fox 4 interview.

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One Year Fling or Something More?

Dear Nina: I have been dating my boyfriend for about one year. We live in Hong Kong. He is Chinese and grew up in Switzerland. I am from Britain. I am 27 and he is 10 years older than me. He is thinking of having children and I am not ready for children yet. I feel I really respect him and like the companionship with him. We make each other laugh and he is unique and kind.  I have sick elder family in the UK who I have responsibility to. One day I will return. I feel this is on my mind […]

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Is He Pacing or Is He Stalling?

Hello Ms. Atwood: I have recently started reading your book Temptations of the Single Girl. Everything rings so true!  I have been able to find healing and closure knowing the mistakes I have made and how to correct them. Two months ago I was dumped by a man that promised to marry me and love me forever. He was one of those emotionally unavailable guys who was insecure. I digress. Recently, I started dating. I was hesitant, but thought what the hell! He is polite, thoughtful, intelligent, punctual…but, we have been on three dates now to eat and/or drink (he always wants to grab a bite […]

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She’s Hot: Be Careful What You Say!

Dear Nina: I met a really attractive and intelligent woman at a party a few weeks ago. It was a public event at an art gallery. She seemed very educated and sophisticated; we’re both in our late 20s. We had been talking for about a half hour and really seemed to develop a great rapport. We had even made tentative plans to meet for coffee sometime. Then, things suddenly went downhill. There was a pause in the conversation and I commented that she had a really nice, hourglass figureť. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became deeply offended. She said, […]

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Dating the Not-Yet-Divorced Guy [Love Strategies Podcast]

Can you date someone who is not at your level? If you have ever dated someone who you feel is not at your level, or you are not at theirs - financially, or lifestyle – listen up! Financial mastery makes a big difference in relationships, and we all need to address this tough issue. Maybe you have suffered financially in recent years, or maybe your heart hasn’t been as open as it could be. If you look in the mirror and you don’t feel entirely great about what you see, it’s time to take a second look. Or, you may feel like you repeatedly choose people […]

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Four Ways to Kill a New Relationship [Love Strategies Podcast]

You’re dating someone new and he’s wonderful! You think he may be “the one” but before you start buying bridal magazines, listen up! Nina informs you of the top four unconscious ways you may sabotage your new relationship. Also in this show: dating violence and how to protect yourself or your daughter. Discover: How you REALLY choose your relationships and how to get control of the process so you only date high quality good guys How to keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are falling in love How to maintain his interest over time while you build a bridge to […]

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Relationship Rehab [Love Strategies Podcast]

If you are over twenty one and you have had your heart broken, you know what it’s like to need some recovery time. Nina dubs this “relationship rehab” and gives you the tools to effectively manage yourself through this very necessary life stage. The temptation is to skip over it, but that puts you on the “serial monogamist” pathway – the names & faces change, the issues remain the same. Learn: How to know when you need relationship rehab  To identify the patterns that need changing in order for you to attract a good, loving relationship What it means to put your […]

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Needy vs. Intentional [Love Strategies Podcast]

Are you leading an intentional life? Do you listen to your inner compass – that part of you that tells you what is in your highest and greatest good? Nina tells you why it is so important to develop a strong inner compass and to listen to it. When you do, you are more empowered to make choices and to behave in ways that move your life forward on the path you truly desire. Here’s what helps: Emotional intelligence – the source of intuition and gut feelings that inform us about people and situations that are good for us, and […]

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Divorce Stigma: Are You Marrying Material?

When I was growing up, we were the only family in school that we knew about whose parents were divorced. It made us feel odd and different from others, stigmatized. Turns out we weren’t alone – many people from divorce felt that way growing up in the nineteen fifites and sixites. Now, being from a divorced family isn’t unusual, but you may find that you are stigmatized in today’s dating world. Studies tell us that if you grew up in a family of divorce, you’re more likely to be divorced. The reasons for that are not clear. Lack of stability in family […]

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What Direction is Your Inner Compass Pointed?

Some situations in life you cannot control, but during those that you can, self-inflicted situations we’ll call them, how do you handle yourself? Do you listen to your inner compass? Our bodies can pick up emotional energy from other people, and the whole field of emotional intelligence has shown us that there’s a reason that we have a feeling known as intuition- knowing what kind of situations and people are good or bad for us. So as you move through life, listen to that instinct. Some people ask me why it’s so important to not drink alcohol on the first […]

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Relationships and Money [Love Strategies Podcast]

The number one cause of divorce is MONEY! Problems with money, issues regarding spending and saving, fights over money issues – the list is endless. Most of these issues could be avoided simply by being smart about money BEFORE you marry or commit to someone. Nina takes on the subject with her guest on Love Strategies, bestselling author and guru Barbara Stanny. Most dating couples are extremely hesitant to talk about money. The irony is that most people have less emotional comfort talking about money than talking about sex. Both subjects are critical in the early stages – to discuss openly and honestly. For […]

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When a Man Loves a Woman…He Acts Like it

Fox news reported that Lance Armstrong broke up with Kate Hudson because she was “too needy.” If the report is true – and who knows since the source is an associate at his foundation and not the man himself - let’s look at what it really means.Men don’t break up over neediness. That’s right – even though that is an often cited reason for leaving a woman, the reality is that when a guy says she was too needy, he’s using that as code for something else that he doesn’t know how to define. The truth is that she succumbed to the […]

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Out With the Bad, in With the Good

Michael asked if he and his girlfriend have a chance at a healthy love and a life of accomplishment of goals. With multiple addictions between them, and a family history of addictions on both sides, they have many challenges. Here’s my message to them. Michael: first of all, I want to acknowledge you for sharing your story and for having the self-insight to be concerned about your future (and your future children’s lives). The first step in any process of recovery and growth is, as you know, awareness, and then declaring the truth of your situation. Second, the most useful way to view […]

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Relationship Smorgasbord

Love Strategies August 15th: It was truly a mix of topics, starting with women leaving their marriages in droves, touching on honesty in online dating, and ending with an inspirational quote from Kahlil Gibran on love. Listen to the whole show here. This story appeared in the Dallas Morning News over the weekend: Why are women leaving their marriages? Journalist Christine Wicker cited anecdotal evidence that middle-aged women are not content staying married to the husbands with whom they’ve spent the past several decades. Confronted with mid life, they are questioning the decisions of the past, and many are carving out an escape path. […]

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It’s All in the Family…or is it? Make Sure Everyone’s on the Same Page

Dear Nina: I’m in a three year relationship. The hours that we work differ greatly and as a result, we do not get to spend the time together that I would like. My daughter seems to want to love her, but when I ask her to go and spend time as a family, there are an abundance of excuses. Even watching TV she will sit away from us and then claims that I push her away when my daughter is there. I just don’t understand what else I can do other than continue to ask her to join us. I […]

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The Man of My Dreams is Dating Another Woman in Reality

Dear Nina: What a God-send to find your site and books! I’m heartbroken after 1.5 years with the man I thought was the love of my life. I’m ordering your book Temptations of the Single Girl today and can’t wait to read it; I think I’m dealing with Loving a Wounded Guy. He was just ending a very painful marriage when we met, and I thought that all he needed was a good woman to help him heal. Because of his emotional fragility, I never brought up commitment or marriage, so I guess I Denied My True Desires as well. I […]

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3 Dates and You’re Out

Ashlee was so excited about her date with Andrew. He’d promised to meet her at Starbucks at 10am on Saturday. She was there at 9:55. At 10:10, an eternity later, he called saying he was just a few minutes away. He walked in the door at 10:35, after what felt like another eternity of waiting, apologizing profusely. She instantly forgave and they had a delightful date. Their second date was at a restaurant. Ashlee again waited, this time for 25 minutes. He apologized but didn’t have a good excuse other than traffic. He also seemed distracted, often looking past her […]

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Yours, Mine and Ours: The Relationship Edition

Dear Singlescoach: I am a 28 yr old woman and I am dating a 17 year old guy. He will be 18 in 5 months. And amazingly this has been the best relationship I have ever been in. However, there are a few problems… His parents don’t approve (especially his mother) and my sister thinks I’m making a mistake and being foolish. Age of consent in the state we live in is 17, so that’s not a problem. But the town we live in is small and the gossip has gotten so bad about us. People are talking about it like […]

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